• Drowning is never dry: Two ER doctors explain the real swimming danger kids face
    Rick Pescatore, Seth C. Hawkins, For the Inquirer Updated: Thursday, May 3, 2018, 12:20 PM For years, always beginning in the spring, reports of “dry drowning” have appeared. Last year, when the Read more
  • Got a tick? Tips for summer free of the suckers
    Follow the link below to view the article. Click me to view the full article! Read more
  • Signs Your Child May Have Diabetes
    You disinfect their toys. You make sure they wash their hands. You keep them from putting odd things they find in their mouths. You do everything you can to keep Read more
  • TDH- TNHAN Hepatitis A in Tennessee Update
    Tennessee Department of Health - Health Alert Network Colleagues, The Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) has received reports of 9 cases of acute hepatitis A since January 1st: 8 of 9 are Read more
  • What is PCMH?
    PEDIATRIC ASSOCIATES OF DAVIDSON COUNTY - is currently working towards National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). What is PCMH? PCMH is a care delivery model whereby patient treatment Read more
  • Common Pediatric Eye Problems
    When your little one is first born they will go through a series of tests and screenings to make sure they are healthy. This includes checking their vital signs, hearing, Read more
  • 6 ideas for parenting kids with ADHD
    ADHD has a profound influence on family life. Unfortunately, a lot of that influence contributes to an increase in daily household stress. The overall level of tension in the house, Read more
  • How to Keep Germs At Bay and Illnesses Away
    Kids pick up germs all day, every day. Whether they are sharing toys, playing at day care or sitting in the classroom, whenever children are together, they are at risk Read more
  • Fever Phobia? When Parents Should Call Their Pediatrician
    Generally, a fever is brought on by an infection from a virus or bacterial infection. While many times a parent’s first instinct is to worry when their child has a Read more
  • FAQs About Breastfeeding
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 80% (approximately 8 out of 10) of new mothers in the United States breastfeed their newborns for varying lengths Read more
  • Introducing Solids: How to Transition from the Bottle to Spoon
    Giving your baby his first spoonful of solid foods is an exciting time! Many parents look forward to the day their little one takes their first bite of rice cereal, Read more
  • Is Eczema Causing My Child's Rash?
    It’s normal for a child to get a rash at one time or another. But one common type of rash, known as eczema, can be especially troubling. Eczema refers to Read more
  • Understanding Childhood Asthma
    A common condition seen in kids and teens, asthma is a lung condition that causes trouble breathing and shortness of breath. During an attack, the bronchial airways become inflamed and Read more
  • How to Help Your Teen Make Healthy Eating Choices
    As children grow into adolescence, their bodies require more nutrients to grow healthy and strong. But as many parents know, for those teens with busy school schedules, sports practices and Read more
  • New Parents: How to Select the Right Crib for Your Baby
    A new baby needs a lot of things. From bottles and car seats to high chairs and baby monitors, an expectant parent has a lot of decisions and purchases to Read more
  • Fevers
    Fevers, body temperatures of 100.4 or higher, can be scary. Children usually look puny and tired when they have a fever. They don't act like themselves, and often they don't Read more

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