Why Your Child Needs a Sports Physical

Sports PhysicalYour child or teenager is likely the picture of health, with an excess of energy, a healthy appetite, and a decent amount of rest, so having a sports physical every year may seem unnecessary. However, the doctors at Pediatric Associates of Davidson County encourage parents to look at yearly physicals for athletics as a way to keep children's medical records updated and to detect any potential problems early. Learn more about how our team of providers in Nashville, Tennessee is looking out for your child's health, both on and off the playing field.

Why are sports physicals necessary?

Sometimes known as pre-participation examinations, sports physicals from your child's Nashville pediatrician are very beneficial. Your child's health, in particular their heart and lungs, needs to be evaluated by a professional prior to stepping onto the sports field. This can prevent unforeseen problems and detect issues that need further treatment or evaluation. Yearly physicals also mean that your child's medical records are staying up-to-date.

What happens during a sports physical?

If your child has had a sports physical in the past, you probably know what to expect. However, if you're signing them up for the first time, you may have some questions. A typical sports physical includes the following:

  • Taking records of height, weight, heart rate and blood pressure
  • Checking vision, hearing, and breathing
  • Evaluating posture for potential scoliosis
  • Testing joint flexibility and strength

Of course, there is always time for your Nashville pediatrician to address any questions or concerns you may have. That's what makes sports physicals in a medical office the preferred method; they are much more thorough and personalized than school-sponsored screening events.

If your child showing interest in playing a sport during the next school year, contact the Pediatric Associates of Davidson County in Nashville, TN to schedule a physical with one of our pediatricians today!

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