Medical Records

There are many reasons medical records are needed for patients. If you have such a need, we will require the appropriate written, signed release of information form. We will then provide the chart information within 10 working days from the date we receive the form. There is a minimum charge of $20.00 to copy a chart.

Due to Demand, we will need 3-5 working days to complete forms, including sports forms. Thank you.


We can electronically send your child's prescription directly to the pharmacy, so all you have to do is stop and pick it up.

If you wish to take advantage of this service, please have the phone number of the pharmacy you wish to use readily available. If you are unsure of the phone number, let the nurse or physician know and we will give you a list of local pharmacies so you can locate the number.

Please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for the pharmacy to process your prescription. If you are told they have not received the prescription, let them know it was sent electronically so they can check their computer. If they still have not received the prescription, call our office and we will resend it.

Some medications such as ADD and ADHD medications and narcotic pain medications cannot be sent electronically and we will give you a printed prescription for these. As always, if you prefer a printed prescription, please let us know and we will provide it to you.

Prescription Refills

Prescription refills for controlled substances such as ADD and ADHD medications require a 48 hour notice for filling. Once the physician has authorized the refill, you will be contacted that the prescription is ready for pick up.

Late Policy

Our office is set up to run on appointment times. We therefore must also have a Late Policy for patients not arriving on time. If you are 15 minutes late for a physical appointment, we reserve the right to request that you reschedule. This is necessary to insure that the appointment time for the person following you is kept on time. If you have siblings scheduled for physicals and you are late, we may have enough time to see one of the children but would need to ask that you reschedule the second child.


Our physicians accept most standard insurance policies. For newborns, your baby is not automatically added to your policy. Please call member services immediately to insure any services for your baby will be covered effective the baby's date of birth. Record the name of the person to whom you speak and the date of your call.

You may want to ask your member services representative what benefits are covered under your plan. You may anticipate regularly scheduled well check-ups for your baby which will include immunizations and periodic lab work, as well as sick visits. Some plans do not cover well visits.

Ask if your policy requires a Primary Care Physician to be chosen. If so, please indicate the physician of your choice at that initial contact. If a Primary Care Physician is not required, please ask that they confirm that our physician is in the insurance company's network of approved physicians. If you feel you do not have accurate information from your insurance company, please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance.

Our account representatives are available to assist you with any question regarding your office visits and charges.

YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR A COPY OF YOUR INSURANCE CARD AT EACH VISIT. For all new patients, parents will be asked for additional identification, such as a driver's license, as well as the insurance card.

Minors' Rights

Physicians of Pediatric Associates will treat all minors according to the laws of the State of Tennessee.

Minors coming in for physical check ups and all sick visits must be accompanied by an adult up to the age of 15 years. These visits must contain complete medical histories and/or clear, concise information regarding current medical conditions. Therefore, a parent/guardian is required to be present.

Telephone Calls

Telephone Calls are retrieved all during the day and all calls are returned by our experienced Triage Nurse before the close of the day. Additional duplicate calls during the same day into the office causes delays in the returns. Always have your pharmacy number available before you call.

Please call your physician about routine matters during routine office hours.


An On-Call physician is available after hours. After hours calls are for emergency situations. After hours calls go through the office answering system and routed directly to the physician on call. The after hours calls are answered as quickly as possible, usually within 15-20 minutes. Please leave your telephone line free for the physician's return call and please accept calls without identification numbers. Our physicians cannot leave their direct phone lines for patients. Thank you.

Lab Work

Our in-house Lab performs many tests to provide vital information about your child's examination.


We have a Referral Clerk who will provide assistance while you are in the office to accommodate any referral needs to specialists.

Vaccine Policy

We are committed to giving the highest quality medical care available. Our physicians firmly believe in each child receiving immunizations to diseases as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Coalition of Immunization Practices. Our physicians will discuss with you the importance of such vaccines and share with you information that would support the importance of vaccines for disease prevention. While we respect each individual belief in appropriate care for his or her child, we feel we cannot properly care for children without such immunizations. Should a parent choose not to vaccinate, we reserve the right to decline further care and request that you seek care from another practice.

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