• How to Care for Your Newborn
    Once you find out you’re pregnant it seems like everything shifts focus to how you are going to take care of yourself and your unborn child. Furthermore, you start making Read more
  • The Importance Of Regular Wellness Visits
    One moment your child is born and the next moment they are sitting up, saying their first word and taking their first steps. It’s amazing just how many milestones your Read more
  • Kids and Bedwetting
    Bedwetting is a common childhood problem. Many children who master toilet training during the day, usually between the ages of two and four, continue to experience episodes of bedwetting through Read more
  • Signs of Appendicitis
    Truth is, anyone with an appendix can get appendicitis—even our children. Appendicitis is a painful inflammation of the hollow, finger-shaped organ attached to the end of the large intestine. If Read more
  • Kids and Sore Throats
    In infants, toddlers and preschoolers, the most frequent cause of sore throats is a viral infection. No specific medicine is required when a virus is responsible, and the child should Read more
  • Keep Your Kids Safe from Concussions
    A hit to the head during a soccer game or a hard fall from skateboarding may result in a serious head injury and even a concussion. The American Academy of Read more
  • Dealing With Your Child's Fever
    Generally, a fever is brought on by an infection from a virus or bacterial infection. While many times a parent’s first instinct is to worry when their child has a Read more
  • Treating Mono in Your Child
    Has your child been uncharacteristically fatigued as of late? Whereas before they were running and jumping around, now they seem more sluggish and uninterested. Perhaps this weary state has also Read more
  • The Benefits of Newborn Prenatal Care
    During your pregnancy, Pediatric Associates of Davidson County tracks maternal health and the health and development of that precious baby inside the womb. Why is this so important? Well, the Read more
  • Does Your Child Need Immunizations?
    Immunizations, or childhood vaccines, are foundational to your family's health and well-being. Here at Pediatric Associates of Davidson County's Nashville office, your team of five pediatricians and their support staff Read more
  • Get Help From Your Pediatrician If Your Child Has Asthma
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately six million children under the age of 18 struggle with asthma, a respiratory disorder that makes it hard to breathe Read more
  • Newborn Care
    Discover the importance of maintaining regular visits to see your baby’s pediatrician. During the course of your pregnancy, you continued to visit your OBGYN regularly to make sure that you and Read more
  • Why Your Child Needs a Sports Physical
    Your child or teenager is likely the picture of health, with an excess of energy, a healthy appetite, and a decent amount of rest, so having a sports physical every Read more
  • Drowning is never dry: Two ER doctors explain the real swimming danger kids face
    Rick Pescatore, Seth C. Hawkins, For the Inquirer Updated: Thursday, May 3, 2018, 12:20 PM For years, always beginning in the spring, reports of “dry drowning” have appeared. Last year, when the Read more
  • Got a tick? Tips for summer free of the suckers
    Follow the link below to view the article. Click me to view the full article! Read more
  • FAQs About Breastfeeding
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 80% (approximately 8 out of 10) of new mothers in the United States breastfeed their newborns for varying lengths Read more

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