Newborn Prenatal Care FAQs

If you’re expecting a baby, life can be overwhelming, and you may have a lot of questions about what to do when the baby is here. Instead of panicking, you can talk to your pediatrician about the most common questions you may have about newborn prenatal care. Your pediatricians at Pediatric Associates of Davidson County in Nashville, TN, are here to answer questions you may have about newborn prenatal care and what you can expect from your pediatrician.

Frequently Asked Questions About Newborn Prenatal Care

Q. What is newborn prenatal care?

A. Newborn prenatal care from your pediatrician in Nashville, TN, is the care that you receive while you’re pregnant. This includes medical care, education, and counseling on what to expect during your pregnancy and after the pregnancy is done. You should start receiving prenatal care as soon as possible in your pregnancy so that you can have the best results.

Q. What happens at the first visit?

A. At your first visit, your doctor will ask you questions about your pregnancy symptoms and medical history. They’ll work with you to determine how far along you are and estimate when your baby may be born. You’ll also have a physical exam to make sure that you’re healthy and that your body is ready for the pregnancy.

Q. What tests are performed at a visit?

A. There are many different tests that you may receive throughout your pregnancy. Most are non-invasive and are designed to help check on your baby and ensure that they are developing well. There are tests to check for any birth defects if there’s any risk of birth defects.

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