3 Things To Do for Prenatal Care

Although our board-certified pediatricians at Pediatric Associates of Davidson County in Nashville, TN, specialize in pediatrics, prenatal care is where your little one's growth and development begin. That's why you want to take care of yourself because it can affect your child's development.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Although we understand you may have cravings for cake, potato chips, and other unhealthy items, and it's fine to succumb to those urges, make sure you're getting whole-grain carbohydrates, protein, vegetables, and fruits. Your body needs the nutrients from these foods for your baby's brain and other organ development.

Even if you eat a well-balanced diet, though, you should still take a daily prenatal vitamin. This ensures you receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals. If you lack nutrition during your pregnancy, you'll also run yourself down and risk health issues.

Get Exercise 

While it may seem difficult to move how you did prepregnancy, especially as your stomach is growing and your back is hurting, it's important to stay active. It will help you maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. You'll also improve your mood and ensure you keep in shape while pregnant, which makes it easier for you to recover after you give birth. 

Additionally, regular physical activity has the ability to make your delivery easier. 

Develop a Strong Relationship With Your Obstetrician

Although your obstetrician in Nashville, TN, will be educating you on how to take care of yourself and monitoring you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, there might be information you feel is missing if you have any special circumstances. Therefore, you need to make sure you're asking questions throughout your pregnancy so you do the best for your unborn baby. This includes inquiring about medicines you take for health problems and to ease pregnancy-related side effects. Make sure you ask any questions you have regarding test results as well.

At Pediatric Associates of Davidson County in Nashville, TN, our pediatricians can't wait to meet your little one. However, his or her growth and development begin long before you visit us. Therefore, it's essential you take care of yourself and the unborn baby during pregnancy.

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