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By Pediatric Associates of Davidson County
January 16, 2019
Category: Pediatric Health
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There is a lot of care and work that goes into raising a newborn, and your pediatrician is here to help right from the beginning. Your pediatrician typically sees your newborn for their very first appointment within a few days of being discharged from the hospital. Your pediatrician is here for you to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have about your newborn and caring for your newborn. Some of the topics that your pediatrician may discuss in that first visit are:

Feeding- Your pediatrician will watch your baby’s feeding habits during this period and make sure that their growth is right on schedule. During the first six months of your newborn’s life, you’ll feed them formula or breastmilk. Breastfed babies tend to eat more frequently than babies who are fed formula.

Sleep- Every baby has different sleep schedules and needs. Most newborns tend to sleep sixteen to seventeen hours a day, but only sleep a few hours at a time. Sleep cycles don’t tend to normalize until your baby is about six months old. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that healthy infants should sleep on their backs until they are able to roll over on their own.

Bathing- Infants do not usually require daily bathing, as long as the diaper area is thoroughly cleaned during changes, because daily bathing dry out their skin. Instead, it’s recommended to sponge bathe areas as needed.

Umbilical Cord Care- An infant’s umbilical cord should eventually dry up and fall off on its own by the time your baby is two weeks old. Until then, make sure to keep the area clean and dry by using sponge baths instead of submerging your baby in the tub. Small drops of blood are normal around the time that the umbilical cord is supposed to fall off. If you notice any active bleeding, foul-smelling yellowish discharge, or red skin around the stump, contact your pediatrician.

Your newborn should see their pediatrician at 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, and regularly throughout their life. Call your pediatrician for any questions on newborn care today!

By Pediatric Associates of Davidson County
July 20, 2018
Category: Pediatric Health
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Newborn CareDiscover the importance of maintaining regular visits to see your baby’s pediatrician.

During the course of your pregnancy, you continued to visit your OBGYN regularly to make sure that you and your unborn child were getting everything you both needed for a healthy, happy pregnancy and delivery. Now that your bundle of joy is here our Nashville, TN, pediatricians want to make sure that you keep up with routine checkups. What happens during these visits and why are wellness checkups so important? Let’s find out.

Not all children in the first year of their life receive the proper preventive care they need and this is startling. These well-child visits are crucial for your little one’s health and development. After all, our Nashville children’s doctors are highly trained to be able to evaluate any psychology, developmental and behavioral changes or problems in children. The sooner these issues are detected and treated the better, as many health problems not treated in the beginning could end up impacting your child both developmentally, physically and even psychologically for the long run.

Once your child is born you’ll want to make sure you schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. The first checkup will allow us to check their vision and hearing, their vital signs, as well as assess them developmentally and behaviorally and provide them with any immunizations they need. Remember, children will need immunizations quite frequently during their lifetime to protect against serious and potentially life-threatening health problems. Make sure you are following your child’s immunization schedule to ensure that they are protected from a variety of childhood infections.

Of course, these visits are also important for the parents, particularly first-time parents who may have a series of questions regarding their little one’s health. We know you have questions, so make sure to write them down so we can address them. Some parents want to know about feeding schedules or have questions about making sure their little one gets all the vitamins and nutrients they need as they get older. We are here to answer your questions and calm any concerns you might have.

If you are looking for a pediatrician in Nashville, TN, and want one that will provide your little one with the gentle, loving care they need then call Pediatric Associates of Davidson County today. We would be happy to schedule your little one’s first appointment with us.