Immunizations: What You Should Know
By Pediatric Associates of Davidson County
April 24, 2020
Category: Child Safety
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Our bodies have a built-in protection mechanism against infections. Most of the time, this immune system is more than enough to keep microorganisms out of our system. However, there are some pathogens that could overpower your children’s immune system.

One way to help your child’s immune system cope with such an invasion is through immunizations. If you’re unsure when you should get your children vaccinated, you can consult one of the pediatricians here at the Pediatric Associates of Davidson County in Nashville, TN, for the recommended immunization schedules.

How Immunizations Work

Various cells are present in the immune system, which are responsible for the removal of harmful pathogens. However, before this happens, the cells must be alerted first since the pathogen is harmful. If the cells do not recognize this, there will be no response or one would come late.

The role of vaccinations is to teach the body to identify new diseases so that it can stimulate the body to create antibodies against it. The immune cells will likewise be forced to remember antigens that result in infections. This translates to quicker response times for future infections.

Vaccinations work by using a safe form of the disease, like in the case of:

  • Sugar or protein from the pathogen makeup.
  • An inactivated or dead form of the pathogen.
  • A toxin contained in a toxoid from the pathogen.
  • A weakened version of the pathogen.

An adaptive immune response is triggered once the body reacts to the vaccination to prepare it to fight the real infection. Vaccinations will mostly be done through a two-part injection. The first contains the antigen and the second is the adjuvant. The antigen helps the immune system recognize the disease. The adjuvant, on the other hand, is responsible for signaling the body of the danger. These two help boost your child’s immunity. Ask your pediatrician in Nashville, TN, which immunizations your children need.

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