What To Expect During a Sports Physical for Children

If your child is interested in playing sports at school, it’s important to make sure that they are physically ready. There may be issues that your child is dealing with that are going untreated and they can make it dangerous for your child to participate in activities. Your pediatricians at Pediatric Associates of Davidson County in Nashville, TN, can explain what you might expect during your child’s annual sports physical.

What to Expect in a Sports Physical

Before your child can safely participate in their favorite sports, it’s important that you bring them in for a sports physical with their pediatrician in Nashville, TN. This helps to ensure that your child is avoiding serious injuries and that all complications are dealt with before they cause serious problems.

Your child’s pediatrician will perform an examination on several areas of your child’s body. They’ll check to make sure that their lungs and heart are functioning properly and that no illnesses or conditions are going unchecked. They will also check your child’s vision and hearing.

Your child’s pediatrician will check their height and weight and look over your child’s medical history to make sure there aren’t any signs of possible complications. Their doctor will examine their muscles, bones, and joints to ensure that there is little damage of a future injury.

If your child’s doctor does identify any complications, it doesn’t mean that your child isn’t able to participate in sports. It just means that they may need certain accommodations and might need to make adjustments.

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