The Importance of Well Child Visits

You've heard the saying "Prevention is the best medicine," and when it comes to your kids well-child visits are a key component of preventative care.

With your child growing and changing physically, mentally, and emotionally year after year, it is important to keep up regular visits with their pediatrician to ensure their ongoing health and wellness. Pediatric Associates of Davidson County in Nashville, TN, is here to help you care for your child at each stage of their life.

What happens during a well-child visit?

During your appointment with your pediatrician at our Nashville, TN, office your child will be examined and assessed to determine their current health and conduct any necessary intervention for potential health concerns before they intensify, or issues that have already developed.

The physical examination will include measuring your child's height and taking their weight, checking vital signs, and performing basic hearing and vision tests. If your pediatrician has any concerns, they may schedule a follow-up visit or refer you to a specialist.

You will have an opportunity to discuss any issues or questions you have surrounding your child's health, including sleep habits, nutrition, behavioral problems, or developmental delays.

In addition to providing physical care, your pediatrician can offer tips on reducing screen time, increasing physical activity, expanding your child's diet, and more.

Immunizations are also a vital part of well-child visits. Children are recommended to have a series of vaccinations, beginning at birth and extending through age 18. Important inoculations include the vaccines for measles, meningitis, hepatitis B, tetanus, rotavirus, influenza, and, for tweens and teens, the HPV vaccine. These shots will help protect them from potentially severe illness or disease. The number of immunizations your child requires each year will decrease in frequency as they age.

The coronavirus vaccine is not yet approved for children and young teens, but your pediatrician will likely encourage it once approved and available.

Keep your child on the path to lifelong good health with your pediatrician at Pediatric Associates of Davidson County. Call our Nashville, TN, office today at 615-329-3595.

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