Tiffany, Erica, Kathy, Linda, Chatika, Kayla, and Trai

Tiffany, Erica, Kathy, Linda, Chatika, Kayla, and Trai

Pediatric Associates would like to introduce you to our nursing staff. These women are committed to the highest quality care for each child and complete support for our parents.

Linda Goodgine is Dr. Bartek’s nurse.  Linda has been in nursing since 2004 and brings to us many her many years of experience.  Linda likes sewing, crocheting, plastic canvas, and making hairbows.

Kathy Ladd joined us in December 2007 and is our lab supervisor, serving all the physicians and physician assistants with needed testing.

Chatika Sharfner-Collins joined us in July, 2010 to work with our Physician Assistant Rebecca Reveal. She comes from a very busy pediatric practice, having worked in peds for four years. Chatika has been a gift to our patients with her soft-spoken and calm nature.

Kayla Bucy works with Dr. Lori Amis and brings to us her beautiful smile.   She worked in childcare prior to joining our practice in May, 2012.

Erica Williams works as our triage nurse.  Erica brings 15 years nursing experience to Pediatric Associates, 10 of which are in pediatrics.  Erica is knowledgeable and offers a wide range of skills and abilities, along with her caring attitude for our patients.

Tiffany Buchanan-Parris joined our practice in May 2015.  Tiffany has been an MA since 2000, became an RMA in 2005, and has been in pediatrics for 10 years!  She has a great smile and has a tender touch with our kids.

Trai Ieans is our newest medical assistant. Trai is the mom of a 20 year old who enjoys reading, walking, cooking, church, and just being silly…

These professionals bring knowledge, experience and an absolute love for you and your family.

Office Staff

Tina Williams started with PADC in September 2001 and handles our billing and referrals.  Tina’s caring nature is obvious to patients and parents alike.  Tina loves sports, music, dancing, and dolphins.

Kristie Uhles has been with us since June 2001 working as our Patient Accounts Rep Supervisor. She assists parents with their accounts and offers guidance, patience, and understanding.

Jessica Martin is our Medical Records Clerk, entering all our newborns, giving new patients direction and information and assists other parents with their medical records needs with courtesy and dependability. She also supports our Patient Accounts as representative working with patients and insurance issues.

Rebecca Felts works as a receptionist.  Her friendly attitude is contagious to everyone she meets.

Jessica Gasparik joined our group in December 2015 as a medical receptionist.  Jessica has a 2 year old yellow lab named Huck and enjoys rowing, ice hockey, and karaoke.  Jessica has traveled to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal and has broken 14 different bones in her body.  She is currently finishing her advanced EMT license.